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Care Evolve



Leapfrog was initially retained to make recommendations, subsequently retained to facilitate implementation of its recommendations, and has further become a key asset for continued planning and execution of the product roadmap for CareEvolve’s secure, compliant, and market-leading Healthcare SAAS platform.

Through its unique combination of Advisors and Builders, Leapfrog continues to be trusted as a highly valuable component of the CareEvolve strategy for continued innovation and growth. 

 Partner in Leadership & Planning:

CareEvolve is a leader in the Software as a Service market. They provide a HIPAA-compliant web portal connecting doctors across the country with its 75+ healthcare institution clients, who rely on the platform for its cutting-edge yet user-friendly technology. These client institutions require robust, reliable, and innovative connectivity solutions to enable their networks of physicians, nurses, and phlebotomists to simply and securely order and retrieve results of laboratory diagnostics. As such, it is critical to CareEvolve’s success for them to continuously evolve to meet changing medical science and regulatory demands, to release new features, to constantly upgrade the user experience, and to seamlessly integrate with advances in back-office systems across all of their client institutions.

Leapfrog was hired by the President of CareEvolve to critically evaluate the company’s Product, Technology, and Operations teams. Leapfrog was asked to make recommendations based on the platform’s capabilities; the technology architecture in place; the attributes and skills of key team players; and the processes used for product development as well as ongoing platform upgrades and support.

After 90 days, Leapfrog delivered an initial assessment with key recommendations. Upon review, CareEvolve retained Leapfrog to coach the management through implementation of Leapfrog’s recommendations. Leapfrog’s goal was to bolster and protect CareEvolve’s market-leading position as the premier platform of its kind. Leapfrog’s recommendations were principled around structure and collaboration, setting clear expectations, selecting the right best-in-class technologies, and forcing tradeoffs based on priorities. Some of these changes included:

  • Retooling the team around agile product development methodologies, including a proprietary approach leveraging JIRA Agile
  • Finalizing decisive requirements before involving software developers in planning
  • Committing to a pre-defined time-boxed release schedule with goals for six yearly versioned releases
  • Decoupling certain technology modules to reduce complexity and risk in upgrades
  • Refactoring certain legacy platform components into more modern approaches of software development, application hosting, deployment, and increased leveraging of the browser wherever securely & effficiently possible
  • Leveraging HIPAA-compliant cloud virtualization of servers & storage to reduce the total cost of hosting the CareEvolve platform and reduce overall management overhead of the infrastructure

Leapfrog continues to participate in regular management discussions regarding ongoing improvements in people, process, and platform, and continues to be a trusted advisor to the company’s president.

Partnership in Execution & Delivery:

As Leapfrog continues to provide advisory services, Leapfrog’s in-house product development team has been retained to deliver several new innovative products for CareEvolve on an outsourced basis. The products span from consumer-friendly and secure high-volume web applications to complex technology solutions focusing on large-scale back-office challenges for CareEvolve and its clients. Leapfrog has delivered these products through its one-stop turnkey product development offering of requirements synthesis, user-experience and graphic design, architecture and software development, and project management.