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After the initial project in which Leapfrog proved its expertise and reliability, Leapfrog was asked to repeat its process across several unrelated initiatives, each of which was executed by Leapfrog with the same speed and grace as the first. Each time, Leapfrog informed themselves of CBS’ needs and opportunities, uncovered a path forward, and initiated the solution for that same challenge.

CBS Broadcasting is the world’s second largest major television and news network. CBS Local Digital develops content & advertiser solutions that can be curated nationally while delivered locally across 52 distinct major markets, each with uniquely local perspectives.

CBS Local had an interest in launching a highly social digital sports destination, initially targeting American Football fans. Leapfrog was brought in to design and build on their vision, based entirely on a single concept graphic and a handful of bullet points.

As Leapfrog and the CBS executives began defining this major initiative, football season was only four month away. Leapfrog’s focus in every meeting was formulating a solid plan which could be executed in under three months. Issues of national vs. local branding, user experience, advertising, co-marketing, back-office processes, national and local content management, event coordination, phased rollout, budgets, and cost all came into play. After 30 days of intense planning, Leapfrog delivered a detailed go-to-market plan with action items, key milestones, deliverables, costs, and overall timeline leading up to launch and post-launch rollouts. Leapfrog’s considerations spanned from graphic design to ad sales and from technology architecture to editorial policies.

The combined team designed an elaborate website and mobile app experience with extensive back-end advertising, editorial, and moderation capabilities. The offering would be a locally crowd-sourced content experience in 52 cities to be sold nationally to major brand advertisers. There was to be content on sports teams and venues, a large inventory of product placement and branding opportunities, and complete moderation capabilities to carefully curate the crowd-sourced content experience.

Leapfrog was commissioned to provide turnkey delivery of the consumer website and iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as the complete back-office toolset for management of the platform. CBS launched the final product with fanfare across all 52 markets on the eve of the first game of the season. Leapfrog continued to work closely with CBS on refining throughout the season, adding features and optimizing the operational functionalities.

As a now-trusted partner on major strategic initiatives, Leapfrog was tasked with the planning and design of several initiatives of similar national scale, many of which would be disruptive to CBS and other global media companies. Leapfrog continued to work with the CBS leadership team on several future initiatives as a thought partner and trusted advisor to the entire team within CBS Local Digital.