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“Leapfrog is an extremely strategic partner for us specifically because of their diversity of knowledge, deep expertise, and their ability to execute quickly…”
“Leapfrog didn't just help us build our products faster; the major value for us was in their ability to help us decide what to build.”
“…our team is energized and motivated to a level we have not seen for a long time....The pace of learning and innovation within our products is like never before.”
“Our management team relies on Leapfrog when solving our toughest problems and realizing our biggest opportunities.”
“Leapfrog helped us build a cohesive product roadmap and a clear path towards growth through our existing products and new product opportunities.”

Featured clients

  • Holy Name Logo
  • Gene Dx
  • Bio Reference
  • Care Evolve
  • Ellkay
  • Purple
  • ClearCaptions
  • Wave2wave
  • Goldman Sachs
  • REDI
  • CBS
  • Slingo Low
  • GSN
  • PCH
  • Microsoft

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