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Leapfrog is a consulting firm dedicated to delivering consistent value through product innovation, project leadership, and operational excellence. We are dedicated to our clients and to innovating together with their teams to build a sustained valuable, trusting, and rewarding partnership.

Our History

Leapfrog Builders was founded in 2010, and has consistently proven its value among consulting agencies. Leapfrog was designed with a focus on delivering a cohesive premium service of expertise and quality execution capabilities under one roof. Leapfrog quickly established itself as trendsetters in C-level collaboration and as innovators in corporate growth. Leapfrog’s clients come to them for dependable thought leadership and stay for continued thought partnership & consistent execution.

Our Leadership


Josh Kramer Managing Partner

Josh is the founder and managing partner of The Leapfrog Group. Josh’s passion for constant optimization and innovation keeps him engaged with clients throughout the day, devising and delivering optimum strategies and solutions. Josh spends a majority of his time in advisory roles, while ensuring Leapfrog continues to deliver premium quality to its project-based clients.

Josh started his Internet career with a small division of IDT Telecom shortly before becoming the founding CTO of GoAmerica, a pioneer in wireless web and email in 1994. Since GoAmerica's IPO in 2000, Josh has held several senior leadership roles in venture-backed and Fortune 100 companies in telecom, digital media, high-tech, and financial services. Immediately prior to starting Leapfrog, Josh was CEO of Upclick Limited, a global digital downloads & e-payments company.

Josh lives with his wife and four children in the Greater New York metropolitan area.


Antony Galdi Delivery Lead

Antony has direct responsibility for the delivery of all Leapfrog Builders services. As he works directly with clients and oversees our team of specialists across disciplines, Antony reinforces Leapfrog’s core values by ensuring Leapfrog follows through on its commitments to innovation, excellence, quality, and timely delivery.

Antony studied Business Management at University of Arizona and is a trained mechanical engineer. He held several operational roles in the retail, high-tech, automotive, and telecom industries before becoming a senior team member of Reach Everywhere Consulting, where he worked for four years before joining Leapfrog as the founding member of the Builders division.

Antony lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son, two dogs, and many Apple devices.